The Effects of Obesity

Learn about the harmful effects obesity has on your body and your health.

Obesity is a chronic disease.

Obesity is quickly becoming the largest health epidemic in the United States. As the number of obese individuals rises, so does the number of individuals diagnosed with serious diseases. 

Physicians are now beginning to recognize this problem as a disease that needs treatment like any other medical condition. Treating obesity can add more than 10 years of life expectancy, and at the same time treat all of the weight-related comorbidities that usually follow. Therefore, it is critical to recognize obesity as a chronic disease and to understand what weight gain is doing to your body.



The disease of obesity negatively impacts, whether directly or indirectly, every part of the body. When a patient carries extra weight, they are at an increased risk of a heart attack, stroke, cancer, and in some cases, death. In this ebook, you will learn...

  • The diseases that can develop when carrying excess weight
  • How to recognize warning signs of these specific diseases
  •  What you can do to prevent or diminish the effects of each disease


Effects of Obesity eBook

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