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Weight loss can feel like a never ending challenge. There are so many rules that you must follow in order to lose those unwanted pounds and over time, it can get confusing. Our bariatric surgeons have compiled a list of steps you need to take in order to lose weight and become healthy. 

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A Guide to Effective Weight Loss

Obesity is quickly becoming the largest health epidemic in U.S. history. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), since 1990 the rate of obesity in America has more than doubled—and in the Southeast, has tripled! Doctors now recognize obesity as a chronic disease which needs treatment just like any other disease. Unfortunatly, many individuals fail to recognize the dangers their excess weight has on their health.


As the obesity rate continues to rise, our society has become more concered with weight loss. In this ebook, you will learn the basics of weight loss including...

  • Why you should be concerned about your weight
  • How to eat less and what food you should avoid
  • Why physical activity is important
  • Where to get help and how to take action
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